Get Money Smart with These Top Finance Apps

Get Money Smart with These Top Finance Apps

With financial planning being an essential tool in building your future, as well as home buying, having the right resources to track your spending and saving proves to be a huge asset. Mobile-friendly tools are even better. Take a look at these top money-managing apps to get you started on the right path to financial freedom.


From the experts at Intuit Inc., Mint is a tools that allows you to create a budget and track your spending to get you money-smart with just one app - it even lets you sync all your banking and credit accounts into the app to make Mint a truly one-stop-shop for all your financing needs.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB) forces you to live within your means to help you pay off your debt as quickly as possible, with the average user paying off about $500 in debt in their first month. Along with the app, you receive an “accountability partner” to keep you on track, as well as online classes with a live instructor.


Wally is the app for those that like to stay organized with the finances - offering expense tracking, and even allows you to take photos of your receipts instead of manually inputting all your expenses. What’s better? This app is completely free!


Are you ready to start saving without having to put any work into it? Then Acorn is the app for you. Sync your cards and payments to Acorn, and every time a payment is made, Acorn will round that total up to the nearest dollar and put that change into an exchange-traded fund. After that, all you need to do is watch your investment grow.