Lower Your Monthly Internet Bill Today With These Tips

Lower Your Monthly Internet Bill Today With These Tips

We are all hard at work trying to find ways to save on anything - clothes, food, utilities, the list goes on. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t enough time in one day to manage all the savings we are investigating. Here is one bill that you don’t need to investigate, as we have done the work for you: your internet bill! 

Take a look at these tips to see how you can save on your internet bill, one of the most important bills today.

Buy your modem

We are always going to need a modem or router in order to have internet...at least for the foreseeable future. Usually, your internet provider will include a modem in your monthly bill, usually $10-20. If you purchase your modem, you can then save that much more money each month, saving you up to $200 a year.

Doesn’t hurt to haggle

Aside from the fact that the internet industry is known to overcharge their customers by billions, there is never anything wrong with trying to negotiate your bill. More often than not, we have signed on to a contract with a special “limited time only” pricing that gave us a great rate, only to be bombarded with a huge bill when the special ends. Call that internet company up (or use the power of social media) and ask for your old rate back. You’d be surprised at how successful your endeavor can be!

Bundle your service into your phone bill

We are on our phones more than any device everyday - with that comes a data usage bill. Have you heard of tethering? If you for some reason use your laptop or tablet on a regular basis, you can tether the internet from your phone into any other wifi capable device! If you already have an unlimited data plan on your phone, then there really isn’t a need to an additional internet service.

Understand what you are paying for versus what you really need

Do you have gamers in your house? Or do you just prefer to read and watch television? Maybe you stream shows and videos, or you don’t find that necessary when you have the complete cable package with all the movie channel fixings. Knowing what you are using your internet for and what you actually need is very important in determining how much you pay. For example, if you are just using the internet for general surfing, research, or even gaming occasionally, you only need one to three megabytes of internet every month.