Houseplants are a great way to brighten up an area...there’s no doubt about that. But recent articles have surfaced claiming that houseplants can purify your home due to their botanical qualities.

study performed by NASA in 1989 - trying to find innovative ways to clean the air in space stations - determined that certain plants can actually get rid of toxins in the air...but to what avail?

In short, certain plants do provide purifying qualities, but you’d need to live in a greenhouse in order to reap those benefits, basically.

Another point to keep in mind - even more so than whether or not your houseplant of choice has purifying qualities - is what harm a houseplant can have on your home. The soil of your houseplant can actually cause mold in your home, along with dust accumulating on the leaves can create bacteria in the air. This can, of course, be taken care of by ensuring your dust your home and plants regularly and ensure you are only watering your plants as needed. Most plants that are ideal for indoors don’t require a lot of water and sun. Another very important point to keep in mind is to determine what plants are toxic to animals, if you have pets. 

If houseplants didn’t make us happy, we wouldn’t bring them inside! So take your pick of what works best for your family and enjoy a bit of the great outdoors...indoors.

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