How to Make Your Home's Small Spaces Functional

How to Make Your Home's Small Spaces Functional

If there are two things that are true with most homes, it is this: they’re never perfectly clean and they have these random areas that we don’t know what to do with. The solution? Turn those random empty unused areas as “drop zones.”

Get creative with a “new room”

If you’re renting, creating an additional room for your drop zone isn’t going to be in your future. That means you need to get creative by creating the illusion of an new space without having to do any type of demolition. Use that empty and awkward space to create a room by adding a console table or hooks to place your keys, coats, shoes, pet supplies.

If you’re even more limited on space, but have an unused closet, remove the closet door to create a hidden nook-like area to create your drop zone.

Make sure it’s functional

The point of creating a drop zone in your under-utilized space is to create function. You can do so much more than just place a table to drop things on. Add a mirror to open up the area, add hooks and bowls to hang your keys and drop the mail, even place baskets underneath the table to place pet toys and umbrellas.

Have a communication station

If you have a busy family, add a notepad and pens to your drop zone to send messages to your family members in passing to make sure they are reminded of special events, or just let them know you love them!