How To Start Prepping Your Home For Winter Now

How To Start Prepping Your Home For Winter Now

With how quickly summer passed us by, winter is right around the corner! Before those winter home and lawn issues start piling up and you need to work in the freezing cold, how about you get started on that winter home maintenance early? Check out these chores to get a head start on prepping your house for the winter.

How’s your roof?

If you want to make sure your roof is good to go for the winter season, safely climb on your roof to check everything out. Things you need to keep an eye out for are any loose shingles that need to be repaired on multiple shingles in an area (this will require a pro to check out to see if a larger issue is at hand), as well as any week branches hanging over your roof that may fall if you live in a snowy area. 

Are you heating the outdoors?

Take a look at any potential areas where heat can escape your home, and seal those gaps. These areas can include anything from cracks in your foundation or areas near your window. This will not only ensure that you are only heating the inside of your home, but also keep any critters out.

Is your furnace working properly?

This may seem a little early in the season to check out but consider this - it’s the middle of winter and the furnace goes out and you’re left in the freezing cold until a repair man comes. Get ahead now and make sure everything is working properly before it’s too late!

Are your pipes in shape?

Dealing with frozen pipes is the worst, so preparation is key! The best thing to do is to make sure your pipes are properly insulated.

What else can you prepare for?

Little things can add up. Make sure your garden hose is put away before it gets too cold, check your chimney for proper ventilation, and make sure your deck is clean and sealed.