Landscaping for a Small Backyard

Landscaping for a Small Backyard

Do you love your home, but your yard seems to be lacking in both size and style? Don’t worry! You really can have your cake and eat it too when you utilize these tips to making your small yard look bigger and still be functional.

Contrast everything: When designing your backyard, mix up materials to give the yard a larger look. Combine materials like wood and stone, create multiple levels with different decks, and add an assortment of plants that all compliment each other. 

Keep the plants in mind: Make sure that when you create some beautiful landscaping in your yard, you ensure that the plants you use won’t grow to take over the entire area. Choose things like dwarf plants and conifers that won’t start to overgrow. 

Use lines to lengthen paths: Choosing pavers in diagonal patterns with bright greenery and plants lining the path to complement the lines, will fool the eye into seeing a larger space. Designing on a diagonal pattern also elongates your space as well as create a funky area for guests to enjoy.

Use multiple levels and pots: Using multiple smaller pots and leveling up with shelves will allow you to get more with limited space.

Use your walls: Incorporating vertical planting not only makes for a beautiful statement for your yard, but also helps increase the scale of your space. 

Create unexpected storage: Did you take of advantage of multi-levels to open up the area? Use those levels to create storage for seating, wood for your fire pit, or even cooking supplies for that grilling area.

Now is the time for minimalism: Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to a small yard. Use clean lines and a small handful of statement plants for a minimalistic landscape that will have your yard looking full and complete without the clutter.