Make The Most Of Small Spaces

When space is limited - be it a rental or the home you own - organization is essential. Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity to find “spaces of opportunity” to store goods that are used scarcely in order to create an appearance of openness and comfort.

Rest assured, we have found the top strategies to get rid of clutter and make the most of your small home.

Off Season Clothes and Extra Bedding

We all need to have additional wardrobes for the changing of the seasons as well as different lines to go with the changing temperatures, but with has brings a need to hide the clothes and linens that aren’t being used. Using vacuum storage bags is a great way to keep your wardrobe and linens fresh, and compacted. Keep everything in a flat storage container that will fit underneath your bed and your seasonal clothing and linens will be out of sight and out of mind until you need them.

Shoe Collections and Keepsakes

Your shoes can be considered just as important as some keepsakes, depending on who you ask. So why not display them as much? Strategically place shelves can both highlight your keepsakes and shoes while keeping them out of the way. Do you have a massive shoe collection? Get a hanging shoe organizer or even a long and narrow shelf to store your shoes in the area above your closet.

Bikes and Exercise Equipment

Bikes and exercise equipment is a necessity for those that travel as well as saving on gym memberships, but the biggest issue is determining where to store all the equipment. This is where height can be used to your advantage. Hang your bike on the wall by the tires for a great way to store your bike as well as creating a statement piece. Floor to ceiling shelves are a great way to store lots of exercise equipment without taking up a lot of space. Store more commonly used equipment towards the bottom and lesser used equipment higher.