Quick and Easy Home Updates

Quick and Easy Home Updates

After living in your home for so long, it can start to feel a little drab. Typically the last thing you want to do is try to take on an entire home reno when all you really want or need is a few subtle refreshes to brighten up your home, or even just change it up a bit!

A fresh coat of paint

Changing the color of your home can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your home, plus it doesn’t cost a lot at all and typically doesn’t require a professional.

Add crown molding easily

Crown molding adds an extra bit of charm to your home as well as value when you are looking to sell, but ensuring those corners are perfect can be tedious. Thankfully there is a fairly new product out there called trimroc molding that takes all the hassle out of adding crown molding. 

Install interior shutters

This is a really convenient trend that is all over new homes lately! Instead of sticking with cheaper looking shades, take the interior of your home up a notch by installing interior shutters for added character.

Refresh those drab looking kitchen cabinets

As long as your kitchen cabinets are sturdy and sound, why not spruce them up instead of getting all new kitchen cabinets? Adding a splash of color to your kitchen by painting the cabinets can completely change the look and feel of the space without spending a lot of money. 

Give your deck a good scrub

Some people think that their deck may be rotting when it is in fact just really dirty. Try power-washing your deck and scrubbing it down, then finish it off with a protective stain and your deck will likely look as good as new!

Skip new flooring and paint your current one

If your flooring is in good condition but you’re ready for a change, try painting it instead. There is a lot of great quality paint that is safe for the floor and won’t tarnish after a lot of traffic. What’s better? You can get this home refresh for the fraction of the price of installing new flooring. 

Ready to tackle some of these upgrades but still need a little help? Look to Mortgage Advisor's Home Equity products for your home updating needs!