Save Big with these Energy Efficient Tips and Tricks

Save Big with these Energy Efficient Tips and Tricks

Whether you are trying to stay out of the heat during the summer, or keeping warm in the winter, you want your home to be energy efficient. Those utility bills can get high in extreme weather, so help your home (and your wallet) out by incorporating these tips and tricks to get energy efficient.

House Hunting? Keep an Eye Out for Energy Efficiency Built In

If you haven’t already purchased a home, keep an eye out for things that may help or hinder the home’s energy efficiency. For example, cathedral-style roofs can increase energy costs, whereas some newer homes are incorporating cool-roof features to help energy efficiency! If you are considering an older home. Make sure the home has energy efficient windows already installed as well as an energy efficient water heater. If it doesn’t consider that a negotiation tool, as you can install and purchase these features after closing.

Take Note of Energy Star Certified Appliances

Whether you are shopping for new appliances for your home, or want to check out what you have currently, the yellow Energy Guide sticker on your appliances will tell you if they are energy efficient or not. If you have an energy efficient appliance, the bottom right corner of the sticker will be an Energy Star icon. If you can’t find the sticker, simply go to the U.S. Department of Energy's website, and you can type in the products you use into their appliance energy calculator to determine how much energy each of your appliances use.

Get and Energy Audit

Most electric companies offer free energy audits and provide expert advice on how to lower your bills - such as using cold water to wash your clothes, changing the direction of your ceiling fan, or just switching out the light bulbs you use to energy efficient light bulbs. They are there to help.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Once you’ve done what you can to get your home in tip top shape to save energy, be sure to see what types of energy rebates and tax credits you are eligible for to get even more money back!